Bleisure: The sweet spot between work and life

Whether employed or in self-employment, you know you should always ensure that you attain work-life balance. You have heard it numerous times from talks and speeches, and even read articles on why we all need to achieve the perfect work-life balance to ensure that they do not suffer from burnout, exhaustion or stress related ailments and are most effective and efficient. But as time goes by and in the advent of technology that spans across our work and non-work time, the boundaries between work and life are increasingly blurry.

Work-life Integration

Work-life balance has been declared unachievable and even Occupational health psychologists are now advocating for people to pursue work-life integration. This is where an individual weaves their personal and professional lives in a way that makes sense to them and is beneficial as well. For example; leaving work early to attend your child’s performance.

In the pursuit of work-life integration, a new trend has emerged where business travellers blend in their work travel with a bit of leisure especially while in destinations that have a lot to offer. This exceeds the norm of including a spouse or family to work travel. It means that once you know you are traveling to a certain destination, you research on things you can do while on the trip to the extent of even petitioning the company to add you one day to your travel so you can find time to relax and explore.

The notion of combining business with pleasure has caught up and even earned itself a portmanteau moniker: ‘Bleisure’.

To do list

Okay, so now you have a business trip, the HR was kind enough to add you a day or two or your conference will be done earlier than expected. What to do? There are quite several things you can look out for during your next trip. Check out if there are any festivals or events around the hotel you will be staying. You could call the hotel for assistance or do a simple google search for this. If you know someone in the town, then you are better off approaching them to take you to nice hang out joints.

You can also check if there is an animal park or game reserve in the area. Remember to enquire if there are any park fees charged especially for tourists’, so you do not get disappointed when you get there.

If you are an art lover, look out for exhibition events that will be happening around the time you are visiting. If there are none, you can search for top exhibitions or art galleries in the area or museums where the town’s history is preserved/showcased.

If you are a collector or like to shop around for mementos from your trip, you can look out for market areas, thrift shops, curio shops, etc where you are bound to find unique items for your collection.

If you find yourself in a coastal town/country, you can enjoy aquatic activities such as water rafting, surfing, swimming, snorkelling, among others.


As you may know, different countries have different laws about what to film/photograph and what not to. Be sure to always ask so you are not in breach of the country’s laws.

Additionally, remember to take caution when you are not in a country that is not your own. There may be cultural differences, beliefs and even morals that you do not agree with but that does not mean that you should rubbish them. Always appreciate people’s different views and cultural upbringing.

When looking around for hang-out joints, be careful not to go in overcrowded areas like big concerts. Events that are held outside in the open are a better bet when you are new to a place.

Finally, always carry around some identification and always ensure that you let the hotel know where you plan to visit. They may have recommendations for you or even additional information that will benefit you such as areas that are not very secure, etc.

If you are not bold enough to tour alone, do not shy away from asking for a local tour guide.

The possibilities of a bleisure trip are endless and the only thing that would hold you back is technology itself! So remember to put away that phone/Ipad/computer and enjoy some well-deserved rest!

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